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today at work was pretty bad because the roof on the building is being redone so all you hear is pounding and drilling and while the pounding happens all the dust falls down. also there’s tar being lay down so the whole place smells like burnt candles but 1000 times worse it was nasty

i think my life on the internet has reached a new low when i start watching youtube videos of mainland chinese people arguing with hong kong security guards at subway stations because their luggage is heavy/suspicious of smuggling things back to china. idk man the language is just so colorful i can learn a new word or two

last but not least my mom might sign me up for a gym membership because someone needs to take my brother to the gym ehhhh i mean i could go work out but gaining muscle doesn’t make me lose the few pounds i gained in the past few months…unless that weight is all muscle then i don’t mind

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people whose header is some shit like “WELCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND”



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西新井大師前 もなかカフェ まめつばき

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From Gastroposter Anna Wang, via Instagram:

Our favorite spot to hit for sushi near the boy’s work :) SUPER good deal Toro sashimi!
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another day, another moment where I can’t not reblog this

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